This Aug 15, tricolour to be hoisted in all govt schools

This Aug 15, tricolour to be hoisted in all govt schools

The Jammu and Kashmir government has directed that tricolour be hoisted at all the public schools at the district and cluster level on coming August 15.

The School Education Department in an official communiqué said that tricolour shall be hoisted in all government-run schools of Jammu and Kashmir to mark the Independence Day celebrations.

The government in a communiqué while stating the calendar activities for the celebration of ‘Aazadi Ka Maha Utsav’ by the School Education Department said, “On August 15, flag hoisting ceremonies will be conducted at district and cluster level.”

Administrative Secretary School Education Department, B K Singh said, “It is an instruction from the government to hoist tricolour in all its owned buildings and the schools of Jammu and Kashmir are also falling under the clause of such directive.”

He also said that the purpose of the directive was to make everybody understand the essence and meaning of the tricolour.

Singh also said, “The School Education Department had planned to invite the prominent persons in the respective schools so that they can share their contribution and achievements. However, due to the pandemic, it could not be done but we will try to do it virtually now.”

Earlier in March, the government had directed all Heads of the Institutions (HOIs) to install a signboard with the national flag in the background in all districts by April 30.

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