CBSE Announces Marking Policy For Class 10, Results By June 20, details here

CBSE Announces Marking Policy For Class 10, Results By June 20

The Board said the three categories — of unit test, mid-term exam and pre-Board exams — are common to most CBSE-affiliated schools and hence have been used to define the special marking scheme.

All CBSE schools have been directed to form an internal result committee consisting of the principal and seven teachers to tabulate the results. If a school has conducted more than one test or exam within each of the three categories, then the result committee will have the liberty to fix weightage for each test/exam within each category, subject to the overall maximum marks accorded to that category.

“For example, if a school has conducted two or three-pre Board exams, it may decide to take an average of the three exams or take the best performance in the three tests or give a weightage to each exam as considered suitable,” the Board’s notification states.
For any other exceptions (in case the school hasn’t conducted one or more of the above three categories of tests/exams), the result committee of the school can draw up a criterion for assessment of 80 marks. “The rationale for the criteria should be well thought out, objective and should be documented in the form of Rational Document explaining in detail how the school-assessed marks have been determined out of 80 in these cases,” the notification states.
To keep inflation of marks in check, the Board has informed schools that the marks awarded “should be in consonance” with the school’s past performance in the Class 10 Board exams.
Schools have been asked to finalise results by May 25 and submit them to the Board by June 5. The internal assessment marks (out of 20) have to be submitted by June 11. CBSE will declare the Class results on June 20.
Any candidate who is not satisfied with the marks allocated to him/her will be given an opportunity to sit in an exam as and when conditions are conducive to hold the exams, the CBSE notification said.

The announcement of the special marking scheme comes two weeks after the Union government cancelled the Class 10 exams amid growing concerns over the surge in Covid-19 infections in the country.

The Class 12 Board exams, on the other hand, have been postponed and the Education Ministry will review the situation on June 1 to decide fresh dates and make an announcement at least two weeks before the start of the exams.

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