NEET PG 2021: NBE releases guidelines, decides not to defer April 18 exam as peak of COVID-19 cases remain 'unpredictable'

NEET PG 2021: NBE releases guidelines, decides not to defer April 18 exam as peak of COVID-19 cases remain 'unpredictable'

New Delhi: The National Board of Examinations (NBE) has decided not to defer the April 18 NEET PG 2021 exam as the peak of the COVID-19 cases remain 'unpredictable'. According to a notice released on April 9 on its official website, the NBE said that it is committed to the smooth and safe conduct of the NEET PG 2021 examination.

"In view of the recent unanticipated surge in COVID-19 cases throughout the country, with exponential rise of patients in the last seven days, it has been decided not to defer this examination, as the peak of cases remains unpredictable. Considering the importance of the examination in admitting post-graduates in their respective subjects for further training, it is in the best interest of candidates to continue to hold this examination on the announced date. Therefore, it has been decided to add further protective measures for the candidates, towards the safe conduct of this examination," it added.

NBE has taken the following steps to conduct NEET PG 2021 exams:
1. Same State Centre: In the wake of the recent surge in the number of COVID-19 cases, NBE has increased the number of test centres and testing seats across the country such that candidates who had chosen the option “OTHERS” have been allotted test centres within the state of their correspondence address, thus avoiding any inter-state travel.

2. COVID E-PASS: Admit cards being issued to the candidates will bear a COVID E-PASS for the perusal of police and administrative authorities to facilitate movement of the candidates in case of any travel-related restrictions. All state departments have been informed regarding the same.

3. Staggered entry of candidates at test centres: To avoid crowding at the test venue entry, there will be staggered time slots for candidates to report. Candidates are required to respect the allotted time slots as communicated individually through emails and SMS.

4. Isolation labs: All candidates will be checked at the entry point for the recording of temperature using thermo guns. Candidates detected with above normal temperature or displaying any symptoms of COVID-19 infection will be allowed to take the examination in separate isolation lab created for this purpose.

5. Compulsory use of face mask: Candidates will not be permitted entry without an appropriate protective face mask. They will also not be allowed to carry any articles with them (such as water bottles, gloves etc) other than the admit card and entry related documents required for verification purposes. Bottled drinking water will be provided at the test centre.

6. COVID-19 Protective Gear Safety Kit: All candidates will be provided with a protective gear safety kit comprising of a face shield, a face mask and 5 hand sanitiser sachets. It will be mandatory for all candidates to wear the face shield at all times and during entry and exit where crowding is anticipated. The face shield will be required to be taken off during the registration process and whenever face ID is verified during the exam.

7. Staggered exit of candidates from test centres: Upon completion of the examination, candidates will be directed to leave the test venue in a staggered manner which will be communicated by the respective centre in-charges in order to avoid crowding at the test venue exit. The exit process is likely to be completed over a period of 1 to 1:30 hrs. Hence all candidates are urged to exercise patience.

The NBE informed that it will be mandatory for all candidates to adhere to these instructions as part of COVID Appropriate Behaviour. The NBE advised the candidates to refrain from attending the examination if they are unwell and have COVID-19 like symptoms or are proven COVID-19 for their own well-being and for the safety of others.

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